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What Marriage Celebrants Do Exactly

Wedding ceremonyThe first thing that a celebrant has to do is to meet with the marrying couple. If the couple is just nearby, then a personal meeting has to be set by the marriage celebrant in Melbourne. If not, they can talk over video conference on the internet. But, whatever the medium of conversation is, the important thing is that both parties have to talk. This might be the only chance that the celebrant and the groom get to talk because normally it is the bride who takes care of the preparations. It also allows the celebrant a chance to establish comfort with the couple.

Celebrants need to take down all the notes that the couple wants to share. This allows the marriage celebrant in Melbourne to prepare a plan that is to be presented to the couple for their approval. Some things to consider are the style of the wedding they want, and all the requirements and their needs.

The Celebrant must arrive at the venue early to get the feel of the place. A marriage celebrant in Melbourne has to have everything tested like the microphone he will be using. The documents for the wedding must always be in hand. The groom and the best men must stand in front with the celebrant. It is a must that the celebrant asked the guests to put their phones on silent mode. The music signals the start of the wedding ceremony. Always allow the bride’s parents to take their time in giving their daughter to the groom. From now on, the duty of the marriage celebrant is to simply guide the couple in saying their vows and giving them the blessing. This is the main feature of the wedding. Then finally, lead the couple to the much awaited kiss.

It does not stop there yet for a wedding celebrant. There is still one important thing that he has to do – that is to facilitate the signing of the marriage contract. This marks the end of the celebrant’s duties. However, the celebrant can always stay and take part in the reception or celebration. In some cases, if the person officiating the wedding is a family friend or someone who knows the couple on personal level, he may also be asked to give a speech or message during the reception.

Sydney also hosts a lot of weddings facilitated by celebrants. This is why there are a lot of licensed marriage celebrants in Sydney as well.


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