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Weight Loss Surgery: Is this Covered by your Health Fund?

Undergoing a surgery is one of the most difficult and risky medical procedures and that is why it can be very expensive. Thanks to various health funding programs of the government, most people can actually afford it. But, most people are wondering if weight loss surgery is also covered by these.

Private health insurance policies

doctorsIndividuals who earn a lot from their jobs prefer getting their health funding from an insurance company. This allows them to choose the kind of health care policy that they need. Another great thing about this is that companies also provide help to the family members of the person ‘buying’ the insurance.

If they go for full health coverage, they can get surgery for hernias, if needed. They can even go under the knife for cosmetic purposes – something that government funded health care don’t often allow.

Public Health Funding

Those who do not have jobs or enough money to spend on private health insurance policies have no other choice but to go for this instead.

A lot of governments all over the world are making their health funding legislation better so that they can pay more for what their constituents need when it comes to health. Unfortunately, these only sanction important procedures like gall bladder surgery, heart operations, professional fees of doctors and certain medications.

Other Options for Health Funding

It can be troubling for the patients, naturally, if they need to undergo a certain operation but they are not qualified according to the national or local health funding laws. However, they do have other options.

Grants and charity care are all possible choices. You may still have to spend on a certain amount for cosmetic operations such as weight loss surgery. But at least, you would not have to pay for the whole cost.

You could also undergo certain health checks to see if you qualify for these cosmetic surgeries. For example, individuals who have a BMI or Body Mass Index over 30 can go through bariatric surgery that will be paid for by the government. Obesity, after all, is a problem for a lot of countries and they are trying to deal with this.

Whether or not you are paying for a private health insurance plan or relying on the government for this, you must go through the policies applicable to you first. This is the only way in which you would know if you could actually undergo weight loss surgery or any other surgical procedures in mind.

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