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Trendy Permanent Makeup and Tattoo for Women

madame_tattoo_trendy_makeupTattoos have been around since the earliest civilizations. Men and women use tattoo to enhance their beauty. For some South Pacific Islanders, it is a rite of passage. It is noteworthy that there is a place for permanent makeup in Sydney where fashionable women can have fixed eyebrow tattoos. Still for others, a tattoo is part of belonging to a particular culture. The Yakuza, for instance have elaborate tattoos that also signify rank within their organization. Prison tattoos also signify gang affiliations. The same can be said of the military tattoos.

There was a long stretch when tattoos were only for men. For a long time, women did not have tattoos. Then the tides of fashion turned and permanent eyebrows became fashionable. Permanent makeup in Sydney is also about fashion and not worrying about the small things. For some, these can be eyebrows. For others, it could be a love sign, like a mole or a tattoo of a heart.

The main concept behind body art tattoo in Sydney is to make it non-descript, and almost unnoticeable.  Once you have one, it is usually in places that are easily seen. These are also the very places where the tattoo cannot be removed. For women, tattoos are placed in areas that have relatively thin skin like the face. Removing tattoos would lead to scarring that cannot be easily covered by makeup or even by tattoo. Although if a person is observant, permanent makeup in Sydney can be easily seen through the layers of makeup.

On the other hand, for some women with breast cancer, it has become increasingly fashionable to have tattoos, on their chest scars. For them, it is one way to get their self-confidence back and for others to know and understand that they have survived a bout with cancer.

The latest trend is to have anti-ageing needling. So-called because the tattoo is meant to replace a feature that is lost or losing due to aging. For instance, eyebrows lose hairs, thin out or otherwise change hair color. Instead of using eyebrow pencils, having a tattoo means less maintenance, and less time when putting on makeup.

For younger women, the fashion is to have tramp stamps, in hard to reach places. These would be the small of the back, or above the panty lines, above the breasts or on the shoulder blades. These are meant to be sexy. They are definitely more than just a topic for conversation. These are not meant to be cosmetic in any way. These tattoos are not meant to cover anything, instead these are meant to lead the eye, and attract attention.

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