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Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Blogs – A Reason to Spend More Time Online

The internet is the biggest source of information. Users find almost everything they need to know about fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. This paves the way to the so-called social media influencers or bloggers who have large followers and audience. An Australian blogger for example is said to have strong relationship with her followers as she connects and reaches out with them through her blogs and social networks. In fact, it is now a marketing trend to use these bloggers or social media influencer in reaching out and building relationship with consumers.

Who are these bloggers or social media influencers?

lifestyle2A blogger owns and maintains blogs on a specific niche. She/he can be a travel, fashion or lifestyle blogger or a combination of more than one specific niche like fashion travel blogger or travel and lifestyle blogger. Helen Chik is an Australian blogger/influencer who through her blogs has above-average impact on her followers and audience and has established credibility in her specific topics or niche. She is a typical social media influencer/blogger who has access to a large audience and can persuade or elicit behavior changes or discover new brands, things, and places. Australian blogger like her is sought by internet users for opinions, tips and information on travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Online users connect with him/her and companies reach out to help build a social relationship with her/his audience through marketing tools like affiliate links, sponsored content or product reviews. Many popular bloggers are also invited to product launches and do event hosting or giving talks. Bloggers are now tagged as social media assets by marketing people.

Why people trust and connect with bloggers?

Helen Chik, an Australian blogger talks n and travel and offer informative content for her audience and readers.  She does it because she is a traveler herself and knows what she’s talking about. Her travel experiences serves as her license to dish out travel tips, recommendations and opinions. Her blog did not start as big in the beginning but through fresh and very informative content, she was able to have a steady and growing traffic because readers had make use of her travel opinions as they own and with positive results thus the trust and steady connection and relationship were established. A Sydney lifestyle blogger can have a multiple followers and yet may not be as trusted. Blogging’s simple rule is to connect to audience with honesty and sincerity. With the trust, the relationship is built.

Blogging has come a long way, as it is a reason for spending more time online. If users want or need to know about fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle, there’s always a favorite one to visit.

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