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Tips for Upgrading Your Car Suspension

There are some people who live their whole adult lives driving a car without doing any upgrades of any sort because their belief is that it’s good as long as it runs. Then there are people who like to do a lot of car enhancements. One of the things they often get is racing shock absorbers.

If you too plan to have your suspension system changed into something better than what you currently have, take note of the following tips:

Don’t upgrade until you have to

suspension upgradeStock shocks are well and good, of course. They were placed there by those car manufacturers for a very good reason so, unless it goes through its natural wear and tear, don’t change it with a new shock absorber set yet. That would be unnecessary cost for you and it really is a waste of working shocks.

Signs when you need to change your shocks

There are numerous signs that tell you that you will have to change this part of your suspension system.

You could check your tires’ treads. If there are balding spots, there’s something wrong with part of the system. If you’re using the metal spiral shocks and you see leaks, it’s defective already and needs to be replaced. You’ll notice more problems while you’re driving.

Why racing shock absorbers?

You may not be driving on a race track. You’re not even the person who needs speed. But why should you upgrade your shocks to something that is used in racing cars? There’s really one reason: it is better, in almost all aspects than your stocks.

Because most of the materials used for the shocks of racing cars are high in quality, it is more durable and long wearing.

Upgrading to 4×4 shocks

This is wise only if your vehicle is a truck or an SUV. First of all, this type of shock absorbers would not look nice on regular commuter cars. Second and most importantly, you will have to change the whole under chassis so that these would fit well. That would mean more spending on your part.

Important note here....

Replacement or upgrading is part of car maintenance

So many people often take their car suspension for granted, thinking that maintenance only includes oil change, spark plugs and tension belts. But do remember that even the best racing Shock absorber out there wear out so you will have to check these every now and then

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