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Tips for an Australian Trip

Have a pleasant time in Australia but remember to show respect to the local culture of the land. While Australia is known for expensive cities and rich tourist attractions, the country also exhibits customs and traditions that are worth a try. While touring around the country, here are some tips that will prepare you to any culture shock.

Aboriginal Performance

Australia takes pride with its aboriginal music and dance performance. Witness this special event and see how the locals perform with the low-pitched drone of the didgeridoo. The didgeridoo is a traditional wind instrument that is made from a hollow of tree trunk. While in Australia, this cultural performance is a must-see.


Golden beaches are bountiful in the entire continent. Don’t be surprised if some people wear too skimpy swimsuits (or nothing) on the beaches as they are used to this kind of culture. Among the best beaches in the country, Bondi Beach has the most tourists and visitors. If you want to isolate yourself from the crowd, these beaches are worth a visit: Lizard Island in Queensland, Mandalay Beach Western Australia, Pirates Bay Tasmania, Mile Beach Fraser Island, Noosa Main Beach Sunshine Coast, Whitehaven Beach Whitsundays QLD.


Vegemite is Australia’s version of peanut butter in North America. Vegemite is a dark brown paste made from yeast extract mixed with spice additives and various vegetables. It is a popular spread to cracker biscuits, crumpets, toast and sandwiches. You can buy this in any supermarket, grocery or convenient store. Try the vegemite and make sure to use only small amounts on bread.

Barbie (bbq) etiquette

If you were invited by an Aussie for a ‘barbie’, it is expected that you will bring your own beer or wine. You can also opt to bring some meat. It is typical for Aussies or the ‘blokes’ to stand around the barbecue grill with their beers while Aussie women or the ‘sheila’s’ prepare salads as they gossip together. When attending ‘barbies’, dress code has to be casual.

Croc Safety

In Australia, there are two types of crocodiles – saltwater and freshwater varieties. Take note that both are dangerous therefore always read local warning signs posted on natural water areas and reserves. Saltwater crocs are usually found in tidal inlets however, they can travel upstream and reach freshwater zones. Avoid camping, swimming or paddling near crocodile infested regions.


Anywhere in Australia and whatever season it is, sunscreen is highly recommended. It is worth noting that the southern hemisphere sun is far stronger than the northern hemisphere sun. You can get a burn as quick as eight minutes. Always wear a hat and shirt while touring the outdoors. It is recommended to buy your sunscreen in the country as they come in stronger SPF variants.

If you were planning a trip to Australia, it would be helpful to grab these tips as these give you an edge among other tourists. With all these tips in mind, you are ready to enjoy the best attractions at the same time immerse with the local’s way of life.

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