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Sydney’s Diverse Lebanese Restaurants and what they Offer

Not all people have the chance to fly to Asia and the Middle East to experience everything it has to offer. One thing that definitely thrills tourists and travelers would be food and cuisine. Sydney, as a place is very rich when it comes to mixed culture and its cuisine. Going through the city, you’ll definitely encounter the best chicken and chips that are a Lebanese delicacy. Here are more Lebanese dishes you should expect while in Sydney.

Grilled chicken

Almost all people love the smell and taste of cooked chicken. It’s appetizing and definitely something all people want to have a taste for the second time. Lebanese cuisine makes a very good version or rendition of a popular dish that is Grilled chicken. It’s also a very different take when compared to western-style cooking. The way it is cooked and barbequed on charcoal makes it top-tier. Its juiciness and the added smokiness is something to die for.


Alongside the best charcoal chicken in town, manakeesh would be another candidate for the best Lebanese food in Australia. This dish is like a different take to pizza, but with very different topping choices. Manakeesh can also be sliced and be formed to anything that the chef desires, while still able to put toppings on it. This dish is perfect for breakfast and also lunch, so consider going to a Lebanese restaurant at these times.

Its variety is something that makes it unique from the others. It offers people to have no limits, unlike the best chicken and chips that can be found in Sydney. It’s the ability to be consumed easily is also something most Australians would like since a lot of them are always on the go.


People who are familiar with a salad would definitely like the taste of fattoush. It is a Lebanese food that takes the concept of vegetable salad into a different level. Although rich with vegetables, fattoush features more than just that. Khubz that are mostly fried can also be seen to be in the dish.lebanese_food2

Fattoush isn’t just yummy like the best chicken and chips in Sydney, but it is also a very healthy one. It can be served as an appetizer or even as the actual meal. This would definitely make anyone like vegetables in no time.

Sydney is very rich when it comes to taking everything into the next level. It isn’t also just a city that limits everything, but in fact, they are more than welcoming to other cultures and especially to foreign dishes, which completely explains the existence of Lebanese foods in Sydney.

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