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Second Floor Renovation Ideas from Expert Builders

Many homebuyers nowadays prefer to buy homes with second floor for investment reasons. With tourism that’s booming in Sydney and other parts of Australia, smart homeowners are renting out unused rooms to tourists or foreign students. In fact, smart homeowners know renovating their property gives them better advantage. While some may argue that having a second floor renovation would mean expenses like hiring equipments such as boom lift from boom lift hire Sydney, the opportunity to sell their homes at better prices outweigh any added expense. Expert builders have these following tips for homeowners to keep down their second floor renovation budget.

Upgrading standard roofing

Renovation IdeasHomebuyers always bother to look up unless your home roofing is a standout, they won’t bother to take more time looking around the house.  In fact, a new-looking roof yields huge attraction to homebuyers. Do you think of repainting the roof or adding beam wood of the ceiling to increase room’s visual effects? Ask your area’s roof renovation service on different roof upgrading packages like free charge for equipments as most of them have partnership with boom lift hire Sydney. Savings from hiring equipments is a good way in stretching your renovation budget. If the roof painting is still new, a roof cleaning either done by you or by a local roof cleaner gives additional selling point. Hence, a renovation within a budget as such work won’t require using scissor lifts but only simple elevated platform equipment.

Adding interest details

A simple wainscoting surely can add dimension even to the simplest and bare looking wall. You can do a DIY wainscoting project to cover up wall with water damage or for decorative purposes. You can either cover the entire wall or use paneling to cover only the lower part. Make sure to use equipments like full steps ladder or mini cherry picker from cherry pickers for hire while adding a more upscale and formal look for your second floor’s rooms. Wainscoting allows renovation at minimal cost.

Screening off rooms

Homebuyers prefer property with open to outdoor spaces but screening can boost the room’s usefulness. Screening also helps keeping out critters and insects while keeping the room as useful space during Sydney’s warm-weather days besides offering enough privacy.  Adding screens can also prompt redo on other accents like ceiling fan or lighting fixture to further room’s refreshing atmosphere. If you’ll be doing the screening, use full steps ladder or ask boom lift hire Sydney for appropriate elevated platform equipments for safety.

Renovations like adding a room or second floor renovation would keep you spending money but thinking about the good investments and returns, spending on renovations is more of benefits than wasting money.

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