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Rev Up Your Online Business with the Help of an Australian WordPress Developer

You would only become successful in keeping your online business competitive if you optimize affordable and effective tools and technologies such as WordPress. However, lack of knowledge may put your business at risk. Thus, it is a good idea to seek the expertise of a professional such as an Australian WordPress developer. An expert can easily do the job of building and developing your blog that is specifically tailored for your online business.

Develop WordPress in three easy steps


Decide what website building platform to use. Many years ago, creating a website seemed like a complicated task to do. One has to understand concepts such as HTML and CSS. Today, there are readily available platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Create your domain name and choose a web hosting platform. With WordPress development, you only have to pay for the domain name because WordPress is a free web hosting platform. The domain name will only cost you around $3-$4 monthly.

Customize and set up your WordPress website. To make the website really a representative of your business, consult with your Australian WordPress developer to customize it based on your business’ background and products or services offered.

Benefits of WordPress to online businesses

Functional and user friendly. WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System platform. In 2015, 50.07% of website building platform users use WordPress according to OpenSourceCMS.com. Drupal and Joomla have 17-07% and 6.44% respectively. With WordPress, you can always have full control of your blog even if you don’t have in depth knowledge about content management systems.

Designed for safe use. Your Australian WordPress developer would tell you that nothing is 100% secure in this world. However, WordPress is more reliable than other platforms because it is designed with security as one of the considerations.

Search engine friendly. One major reason why you would put up a blog or website is to drive traffic, and ultimately convert them to sales. With WordPress, you can make the most out of search engine optimization, as the platform implements principles and techniques that are SEO friendly.

According to Torque, a WP Engine publication, there is an average of 17 blog posts per second in 2014. These came from blogs that are hosted on WordPress. These resulted to monthly page views of 14.7 billion and monthly comments of 5.5 million. These should be enough reasons for you to search WordPress developer Australia on Google in the next few seconds.

You might not be aware that to pair a business site is a wordpress, to know more of the benefits of a wordpress development to your website, consult http://www.matthewrochow.com/.

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