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Multi-Functional Window Treatments for Hotels and Short-Term Accommodations

A tourist doesn’t have to be a world-class globe-trotter to have high standards in hotel or short-term accommodations. Much as many check the amenities, the safe, mini-bar, the bathroom and the mattress, many aren’t aware on the impact of windows have upon their arrival to their room, not to mention how it’ll affect their stay. Windows regarded with great care for customers’ comfort is what spells the difference of a great accommodation and a bad one. Besides the existence of an Australian regulation that hotel and short-term accommodation windows should not be less than one-tenth of the floor area, staying in NSW mandates that Sydney blinds, curtains or any covering for a window be provided for privacy.blinds3

What to Use for Great Windows

If it’s not for the blinding and hot sunlight, many would prefer a one-way mirror film. Since that can’t happen, how do you make sure your windows help live up to a customer’s expectations of what they paid for?

* Blinds. The most famous window covering. Typical Sydney blinds have long horizontal or vertical slats of wood, metal or plastic held by cords running through these slats. They can be manually or remotely controlled. Unlike shades, you just need to adjust the slats to suit the desired amount of light you want to come in and the amount of ventilation you want. Highly reflective Sydney blinds, when completely closed, reduce heat by 45 percent.

When it comes to adding a classic vibe to your hotel or short-term accommodation, nothing beats the beauty of using natural timber. Timber for Venetian blinds has a nice lightness and natural beauty of its own. Timber Venetians will give the perfect timeless and traditional appeal to your hotel or short-term accommodation.

* Window Shutter. Another window covering made up of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Sometimes, there are operable or fixed horizontal vertical louvers. Shutters are used not only to control the amount of sunlight coming in, give privacy and security, but they’re also great in improving the aesthetics of a place.

* Awnings. A style of a window that has top-hinged sections in vertical series wherein the bottom of the section swings or opens outward. This window is designed to let in air and excludes rain. Because of this, window awnings reduce heat by 65 percent when they face south and reduce 77 percent of heat when they face west.

Find inspiration on a stunning design of hotel’s window blinds. Check out http://www.bosetti.com.au/.

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