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Luxury Villas – Giving What Honeymooners are Seeking

17410126_120300002703811121_1014390465_nHow nice it is to have everything you need and enjoy alone moments with your significant other while experiencing tropical destinations like Thailand. Once you’re in Thailand, you simply forget and care about the world you left behind especially when you’re staying in one of the top luxury pools of Ko Samui villas. These stunning villas have sprawling living space and with private infinity plunge pools. They’re simply giving what every couple is seeking in a place for their honeymoon.

Ocean view pool villas

Typical pool of Ko Samui villas look out to the Gulf of Thailand as KO Samui is among several islands that surround the gulf, and the other islands include Ko Tao, Ko Chang District, Ko Samet and Phu Quoc. Ko Samui is particularly popular for its high-end resorts and spas. It is where the best Thai villas for rent are located and other Thai best accommodations. One of its attractions is the luxury pool villas with infinity pool, and couples simply can’t say no to the blissful confines of its parameters. A unit has floor to ceiling windows and tropical hardwood flooring, and the Thai silk furnishing completes the interiors as well as the exteriors. Couples also get to enjoy large walk-in closet and mini bar, and the latest in-room technologies make any stay truly special. The windows overlook the serene Phang Nga Bay and the bathroom has outside shower and sitting room with full music surround system. The couples surely will find it hard to leave their very own special abode and just enjoy their alone moments while their needs are being taken care of by personal chef and staff. What is amazing is the rates for these Thai villas are comparable to 5-star hotels and even more reasonable because of its awesome environment.

Secluded and private villas

Ko Samui is a honeymooner’s favorite because of its secluded and very private villas. These Ko Samui villas have en-suit bathrooms and private pool, plus the most-sought deep circular baths. The villa is perfect for couples who want to get away and claim privacy while enjoying the tropics and the magnificent ambience of Ko Samui Island.

Villas with indoor and outdoor beachfront living

These are large villas with the famous large terrazzo bathtub, which is popular in Phuket villas. The villa also has open-air bathroom, and a garden and a courtyard where couples can enjoy sipping cocktails underneath the moonlight or the sun. The living area is set with Thai silk furnishing and the bedroom is with king or queen size beds and silk linens and bedding.

Luxury villas have more space and the option to very private lifestyle, and that honeymooners simply can’t say no to.

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