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Keeping Guests Happy With Hotel Linen Beds

Traveling is something that a person can get accustomed to. However, there are still the little things that are worth it, like the hotel rooms, with their comforters and linen covers. These may seem like little niceties, however, for most people, including myself, these are fine luxuries that make it worth all the travel and being away from home.

linen1Even when on vacation, I still long for my own bed. There is the familiar feel of the softness of the bed, as well as the other things that make a house a home. However, when it comes to feeling at home, hotels and other lodging accommodations do try to be a lot better than the home-away-from-home experience. Comforters are fluffier and thicker, and made of softer materials. Hoteliers know that they could not compete with my own bedroom when it comes to having a comfortable night’s sleep. They instead do away with even attempting to do that, and just come up with a category of richness that is several levels above what my home or any regular home can provide.

A hotel bedroom, in essence is a showcase of luxury and convenience. A hotel room has a complete set of linen from duvet covers to blankets, and large super soft pillows. In short, they try to over-compensate, and give the guests an experience that is something to remember them by. Usually, they succeed and I remember those hotels with the beds I like. Hotels aim to keep their guests, and to entice them to come back. There is no reason to have thick comforters, along with a full blast air-conditioning or a heater in a room. At least, not in my home. Hotels think of this as the minimum convenience that they can provide. I admit that a complete comforter set, all made of soft thick materials can make for a very restful sleep.

A foreigner from any country, or a visitor from out of town such as myself whether from a temperate region or the tropics may not feel at home. However, I would be able to sleep and relax, in any way that I want. I can have the air-conditioning full blast, for a frigid cold room while I wrap myself in the hotel’s thick blankets and covers. The hotel would not mind, and in fact, they would enjoy knowing that I had a great sleep and rest, and had relaxed well in their room. Again, comfort is something that is seldom mentioned in hotel brochures, but it is a bonus that I would remember. It is something that would tip the scales when I return to the city to visit whether for business or pleasure.

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