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Vinyl Siding vs. Bricks: The Premium Exterior Material

There has been an existing debate about which is more superior – vinyl or bricks – when it comes to exterior siding. Palliside cladding Sydney would argue that vinyl siding is definitely the better choice. In fact, it is the choice of 1/3 of homeowners for homes old and new. The rest have bricks, aluminum, wood, steel or stucco for their impressive curb appeal. Before you take your pick, it is advisable that you study the available options well enough. Your number one goal is to find something that will maximize the value of your hard-earned money through comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Vinyl Pros and Cons

vinylThere are reasons Palliside cladding Sydney has become quite popular among those building a new home or even those who are looking to an exterior innovation. For one, it is very durable and can deal with even the harshest weather conditions just fine. Although really strong winds and hailstorm can shake it up, vinyl cladding Sydney can withstand almost everything else just fine, especially earthquakes. In locations where earthquakes are common, vinyl is considered the ideal choice overall. It is very flexible and is covered by all types of insurance policies; bricks are not.

For another, vinyl is cheaper compared to bricks not just in terms of costs upfront but also in terms of repair and maintenance. palliside cladding Sydney assures that your vinyl siding will not need any maintenance routine other than a quick wash down. Vinyl is also much easier to install, especially when it comes to awkward angles and corners that bricks would find difficult to cover up.

The only drawback on using vinyl for your siding is that it is less secure and less durable. Then again, the considerably low costs can easily make up for those.

Bricks Pros and Cons

Installing bricks as part of your exterior home renovations could be a good idea if you are willing to make such an investment to make your house look elegant. Bricks are mostly for country-style homes. They are very durable and really secure. They cannot be blown up by any weather condition and they will keep the outside noise from creeping through your interiors. Bricks also provide fewer chances for drafts to seep through, creating a comfortable climate all around while cutting down on your heating and cooling costs in the process.

The difference between vinyl and bricks is on the price they both demand. Bricks are obviously more expensive.

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