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Sydney Printer Repair – A Review of a Good Service

IT technician Jonas traveled to Sydney to attend a 3-day training program. He was supposed to present a presentation in diagnosis and solutions, and he needed to print some copies for his fellow participants when the most unexpected thing happened; his printer broke. Worse, he couldn’t use the hotels’ rental colour copiers because of paper mismatch issue. It’s already past nine in the evening and he knew he’d have a hard time finding an open repair shop that could fix his printer.  Luckily, he was able to find a printer repair near his hotel and the technician looked at his printer. After a half an hour, Jonas was already smiling. His printer is working and he was done with his documents.panaquip2

Jonas was very happy to have his printer repaired. The technician even gave him a few lessons on how paper mismatch issue happens. He learned from him that paper mismatch happens when one prints Word, Works or Quattro documents in landscape format instead of portraits and also when printing Word processing documents in sizes 5.5 x 8.5. The technician explained to him that no matter the software is well-configured, the error message will appear for a simple reason one has to change from Works to MS Office document. It’s simple information but not all colour copiers technicians would share it to a client.

Since he was relieved from a possible dilemma and the technician’s shift is finished, Jonas invited him to some Aussie beer in a bar near his hotel. While drinking, he had a lengthy talk with the printer repairman and learned more about colour copiers troubleshooting.

His newfound friend advised him on getting maintenance contract from his service provider. He asked if Fuji Xerox Printers (his company’s brand) have this kind of service, he was informed it does and could ask one from his local service provider. He even learned the benefits of having a maintenance contracts such as coverage for machines over a 12 month period, priority attention, fast on-site service and discounted labor and parts.

When both had enough beer, Jonas remembered that he hasn’t paid the technician so he handed him a few bucks but he was surprised to hear what the technician had to say. Since it’s his first call, it’s free and he’s not to pay for the service. When asked why, the technician has this; it’s their company’s policy of building relationship with clients and to give them a taste of service they offer.

Jonas understood it well and if all printer repairs in Sydney are doing it, there’s no doubt that printer repair industry is doing great business in Sydney.

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