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Protect Workers and Consumers

Australia has strict laws on businesses dealing with selling or serving of alcohol. It requires establishment owners to hire employees and workers with RSA certificate. Failure to comply would mean closure of the establishments as well as prohibition of workers from selling or serving alcohol. While businesses may find it as additional expenses, they need to give their employee correct training course for them to qualify for the position or job orders and on their sides,  get the full benefits of it.

RSA certRSA Certificate courses and trainings are specified and regulated by different states in Australia including Queensland, North Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. This serves as occupational education to sellers, servers and consumers of alcohol to ensure prevention of untoward incidents caused by intoxication, drunk driving, underage drinking and other violations that may cause loss and damage on property and life. Since Australian government’s main role is to regulate the RSA courses, it allows private institutions to offer courses and trainings as specified by the RSA laws. Establishments and potential workers can get RSA training by enrolling on traditional RSA training courses or through RSA online provided by accredited and authorised institutions.

Establishments that comply with the RSA requirement can benefit from it by reducing risk and dangers in the workplace as well as providing safe and healthy work environment for their employees. It also protects them from liabilities and penalties due to violations and accidents and for damage or loss. Other benefits include lower liabilities on insurance premiums, compliment to laws and regulations, and prevention of crimes resulting to alcohol abuse and intoxications. While they can send their employees to get RSA training course, they can also arrange with RSA Course Company to provide health and safety representative training for their selected employees who in return will supervise sellers and servers on the rules and regulations of selling and serving alcohol. Managers and supervisors are the most qualified for this training.


Each participant gets full assessment after the training period and gets a RSA certificate specifically based on the program on different venues such as grocery stores, wine stores and convenient stores where alcohol is sold or served. It also offers programs for venues where alcohol is sold, served and consumed such as in restaurants, bars, nightclubs or hotels or casinos. Trainings include knowledge on Duty on Care, Blood Alcohol content, trainings on responsible alcohol serving and refusal to serve or sell.
Australian government imposed safety and healthy working environment through mandatory certification for workplaces. This enables the government to protect not only the workers but also the consumers of the services. It also provides “good business” climate for businesses.

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