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Ordinary Car Owner vs the Car Enthusiast

There is a big difference between a regular car owner and a car enthusiast. Where the former is satisfied with the automobile the way it was straight out of the showroom, the latter looks for more than the stock form. The enthusiast goes with the mantra, ‘Never invest in stock’ so performance parts are the only choice. The ordinary owner would go the factory garage for maintenance and repair while the enthusiast goes to a tuner. Basically, it won’t be long before an enthusiast’s car is modified all in the name of better performance.

Their goal is to make the car work better than before it did when it was bone-stock. To take performance to another level, the engine is the first to be tinkered with. The most basic trick is to squeeze more horsepower from the engine. An increase in power leads to faster acceleration and lower 0-60 times. The most basic modification as well as one of the most inexpensive is to install a cold air intake Sydney.

stockfrsThis system is designed to let the engine breathe easier because the stock item was built to filter every speck of dust or dirt, protecting the engine internals from friction. It is also designed to maintain low or zero emissions and complying with the local vehicle standards. The performance intake does the same job but instead of using the ambient air in the engine compartment, which is warm, it takes the air from the front of the car that is cooler. Cold air is known to be denser, improving response and boosting horsepower in the process.

Another basic mod to improve performance is to replace the exhaust system since the stock part is supposed to keep emissions and noise to a minimum. What is a cat back exhaust system? It is a series of tubes that start from the end of the catalytic converter (cat) all the way to the muffler tip (back). This includes the piping and the muffler. Most of the time, the diameter is bigger than stock to allow the engine to exhale easier because the stock system is restrictive. The muffler is also freer flowing for the same purpose. Apart from the significant power increase and added bonus is a better sound.

It is so easy to see how different the cars of the common owner and the enthusiast would be even if they have the same year, brand and model. The tuned car is faster and interestingly, uses less fuel.

If you belong to the car enthusiast, searching for performance parts could be tiring, but http://www.wolfracingproducts.com.au/ will help you find what you are looking for.

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