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How Car Performance Parts Affect Your Cars’ Performance

The main function of performance parts is to help enhance the performance of one’s car. These parts work together to generate the power your car exerts. For supercharged and turbocharged automobiles, these parts include the manual boost controller. These help your car and its other parts like the spark plugs and exhaust system to produce performances at its highest levels that contributes to more power. There are various selections of these parts available in stores and on the internet.

One of the things that you should think about when it comes to performance parts is which type to purchase. The fact is that these parts fall into two diverse categories – original and aftermarket. Original parts are those that can be installed at the factory including manual boost controller. These have specifications done by the car manufacturer themselves and are usually tailor fit for your automobile.wolf1

In the aftermarket category fall those parts that are fabricated by companies outside of the car manufacturer.  Certain types of manual boost controller also fall under this. The main difference between these two categories is the price. The originals are priced higher than aftermarket prices.

To take it further, all these parts that belong to the major categories fall under three sub-types. The first of which are the engine parts. This is actually the most important part of any vehicle. The most important of which is the cold air intake. This is strictly an aftermarket part that allows control over the combustion system of your car. Car mechanics say that to help produce the best performance from these parts, the cars’ engine exhaust system should also be tuned.

The cold air intake systems also add to more efficiency in every car it is installed in. The main reason it controls the temperature in the engine is that cold air has more weight than heat.

The next sub-type is the brake parts. Another important part of the car is the braking system because to a certain degree this is your protection from accidents or even death. Performance parts brakes should provide you and your car the ultimate protection and better handling while going at top speeds. But you need to be meticulous about selecting the best braking parts. The reason being is that an ill fitted braking system might dampen the performance of your vehicle instead of enhancing it.

The last sub-type is the suspension. The tires are the main beneficiary of this system because enhanced suspensions have better traction control, which in turn affects balance and bounce of your car.

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