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Family Provision Lawyers – Helping Claimants have Good Chance Over Wills and Estates Issues

In Australia, there is a provision in the Family Act that specifically allows family members to contest wills or on how to deal with estates of deceased family members. Family provision lawyers are the professionals that help people deal with family estates and wills, and that they’re the best persons to ask over legal information especially when family relation is at risk because of the imperative of contesting estates with or without wills. So, how does a family provision lawyer help a family dealing with such issues?

Being left out of a will

dispute_will2If someone thinks he is left out of a will, he needs to go to family provision lawyers to help him know if he’s eligible to question or make a claim. The Australian Succession Act clearly defines who are eligible to file a claim over a will and it is only a lawyer who can help establish one’s eligibility on contesting a will. After establishing his client’s eligibility, a lawyer can go to court to ask it to decide over his client’s claims.

Relying on Family Act provision

Rather than going directly in claiming inheritance, consulting family provision lawyers over Succession Act can clear the legality of family members who want to be part of an inheritance. A family lawyer is equipped with the right information on who can file claims over unfair inheritance. While there are other valid grounds such as lack of testamentary capacity or undue influence, family lawyers seek legal remedy out of provisions of Succession Act to help people have a good chance over their wills and estates claims.

Settlement agreement

When contesting a will with executors and trustees, a claimant must present evidences against the estates, and a family lawyer can help in seeking and presenting evidence and in forcing executors and trustees to act accordingly or make agreement or settlement in part or in whole in regards of the estates in favor of the claimant. It’s also with a lawyer wherein claimants can present successful evidence that’s least likely to be refuted.

When timing is crucial

Fighting a will as provided in Succession Act must be done 12 months after the death. Family lawyer knows that time is crucial in filing claims as inheritance can be distributed right after the death and until there’s no notice or notifications from the court of claims or contesting. The family lawyer can act immediately to ask the court to issue notice of claims and help claimants take the actions of proving and presenting evidences of the claims.

When in doubt of your legal claims, go to a family lawyer and he can discuss in detail about Succession Act provisions to help you assert your claims over an inheritance.

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