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Enjoying an Asbestos-free Homes and Environment

Despite of the risks, asbestos is still used in some building materials, and that some old houses may have it. In addition, some Australian territories in mining and manufacturing are exposed to asbestos fiber and dust. Asbestos is harmful to health and can cause fatal reactions not only to people but as well as to the environment, and as compliance, asbestos inspection, and identification are applied before any home renovation or demolition can take place in any city or territories across Australia.asbestos_removal2

Asbestos-containing materials in homes when undamaged may have lesser effects, and removing or disturbing it is more dangerous because disturbed asbestos has greater risks and if asbestos is present, it is better to leave it alone. Removing it requires licensed asbestos removal contractor, which should do asbestos inspection before any action can be done. Moreover, homeowners planning to remodel must hire licensed asbestos removal company and have the home and surrounding inspected for any trace of asbestos. When asbestos is identified, it should be reported to the local asbestos administration, which may recommend removal or the prescribed course of action.

In many cities and territories, there are asbestos removal companies that respond promptly to asbestos inspection and removal if required. Asbestos removal contractors are licensed and accredited by a government regulating body. Some companies do testing and identification while some are into removal and safe disposal. It is cheaper to have contractor that offers testing, removal and disposal.

Home demolition permit before it can be secured needs to have the property inspected, identified and tested for asbestos. This is because some building materials for roofing and flooring may contain asbestos and disturbing it may be risky to homeowners’ health and the environment as well.   Homeowners can run to local council or directly hire private contractor for asbestos identification and have a clean sheet from asbestos. If asbestos is detected and the amount exceeded local requirement and regulation, removal may be recommended. In Australia, asbestos removal costs can be expensive. A single-storey, 2 or 3 bedroom house may cost around $1,500 and some contractors charge removal service per square meter. It is best to shop around first and compare quotes from different contractors or ask around from family or friends who have dealt with asbestos removal service in order to find affordable and the right contractor.

Asbestos is a dangerous chemical however when left untouched, risks are minimal. If you think that there is an immediate need for an asbestos removal and safe disposal from your homes and community, consult your local administration or local private asbestos contractor and have it removed and disposed safely. The responsibility of enjoying asbestos-free homes and neighborhood is at your hand so do your part well.

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