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Capturing Weddings on Film

There is certain add and flair needed to pull off filming a wedding. It isn’t something like capturing a dance recital on video where you just take footage of everything and everything that’s happening. Sydney wedding cinematography focuses more on the interaction between the bride and the groom as well as the expressions on the faces of the wedding guests. There’s that priceless look as the Dad hands over his precious daughter to the groom; the tears on the mother of the bride’s face and so on and so forth.

lemotion1Wedding videos in Sydney have evolved into something that the videographer can be proud of. It takes art, skills, some special effects, knowledge about lighting, shadows, composition and editing. Sydney wedding cinematography is no longer limited to catching faces of people getting drunk at the reception or stuffing themselves at the buffet table. The interesting shots at the wedding video can even include that of the bride and groom dressing up separately in their respective rooms. Alternatively, these can be shots of the couple as they drive from their homes to the wedding venue. There can be an interview while either the bride or the groom is on the road, sort of like a peek at what they’re expecting their life to be like after the wedding.

Lights and sound are also important to a Sydney wedding cinematography expert. Capturing what the wedding party or guests are saying needs to be clear and audible. So there are times when a boom mike is needed. The same goes with lights. You would not want a wedding film that is dark most of the time or is exceedingly bright that you cannot see the people who are in the wedding film.

Most wedding films have a theme or setting. It doesn’t always start and end at the Church or garden and at the reception. Nowadays, the films include the actual lives of the couple and often start with them being engaged. There’s also such a thing as a pre-nuptial shoot, and a Sydney Wedding Video is not complete without interviews or messages from people who matter the most to the bride and groom. There are some surprise elements that can be included as well, such as message from a friend or family member who is overseas or a long-lost friend from childhood.

All of these special touches make the wedding film more memorable and interesting to watch. It is something to be treasured for many years to come. It’s a good thing that I have witnessed such kind of wedding during one of my travels in Sydney.

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