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How to Fund Yourself with Crowdfunding

Starting projects and research that could introduce a fresh idea, concept, improve production practice, tweak systems and methodologies that affects key factors in the society is the main reason for the endeavor of the humankind. However, in order to conduct these endeavors, funding is essential.

When it comes to funding, traditionally, the majority of funds allotted for creative works and researchers are only limited to established institutions. These institutions by virtue of engagements with certain funding agencies are entwined with the endeavors that thrust forward the interest of the funding agencies as well. Ironically though, it seems that genuine and free inquiry is not really genuine or free at all.

For free thinkers and independent-minded people compromising their ideas at some point do not constitute genuine social development. So, what could these hardheaded indie people do? They could always resort to crowdfunding.

Crowdfund: How does it work?

crowdfundingCrowdfunding is a financing system that involves small and voluntary contributions by “free individuals” to help a cause, an endeavor, a research or even a one-time project. By “free individuals’ we mean non-corporate related individuals who are willing to donate a small amount without any fixed term or “strings attached” other than a small note of credit or token that is promised by developer or researcher at the end of the project.

An alternative way of pursuing individual endeavors by means of no string attached funding, according to a Wikipedia, on 2015 alone an estimated total of thirty-four billion US dollars was raised for different independent projects around the globe.

Crowdfund: How to do it?

Crowdfunding can be done using online or offline channels. For online channels, you just need to sign up in one of the popular online crowdfunding sites.  Popular crowdfunding sites based on Google’s satisfactory rating and a number of active participants are as follows in no particular order:

  • Kickstarter – Sellaband (indie music bands)
  • GoFundMe – CrowdRise
  • Indiegogo – Plegdemusic (for musicians)

Doing crowdfunding offline or in a warm body can be familiar especially with those that are acquainted with fundraiser activities. Soiree’s, pledger’s night, mixers, and parties that can include fundraising activities like auction, pledge gathering and sales of memorabilia or other items in exchange for monetary donations. This method involves having a wide circle and some connections to influential figures to be really successful.

Whether online or offline means, it is important to be focused and driven to whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. Always believe in yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people that will encourage you until the end.

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