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How Australian Tourists Can Spend Their Holiday in Germany

VisitEuropeDo you want to visit Europe and you don’t know the best places to go? Worry no more! Berlin, the capital city of Germany is the best place to be. The city has got everything you need. This is a beautiful city you can visit. It is a magnificent city. Moreover, the city is categorized as one best destination for attractions in the whole world. Here are 5 ways on how you can spend your holidays in Berlin;-
1. Enjoy Your Visit to the Huge Variety of Museums
Berlin is amongst the best places to go while in Germany since you will be exposed to around 200 museums within this city. In this museums, you will gain access to the important historical artifacts like the commonly known Ishtar gate of ancient Babylon. There is the Natural History Museum where you will get a chance of seeing the dinosaur skeleton and the largest one in the whole world.
2. Taste Currywurst
It is only in Berlin you’ll get a chance of eating a hot sausage that is covered with curry sauce and chips. This is one of the greatest tastes you can have in life and the most common fast food in Berlin City.
3. Turn Wet
One of the things to do in Berlin is swimming. Berlin has got more bridges compared to Venice. The rivers in this city are like the Panke river, the Spree river, and the Havel river. The number of lakes in Berlin and the surrounding areas are more than 70. Thus, in this city, you will be in a position of taking a boat trip, swim or have a drink of the fancy cocktail.
4. Visit the Largest Train Station in Europe
Another way of spending your holiday in Berlin is visiting the Friedrichstrabe Train station. This is the largest train station in the whole of Europe. Being one of the best things to do in Berlin, you will have a chance of seeing a number of trains within a single day, the multiple levels of the train station, its size, and a number of restaurants and shops.
5. A Wide Variety of Parks
Visit Berlin’s wide variety of parks and learn how they have turned to be the way of life for its residents. There are more than 2,500 parks within Berlin City and the best time to visit them is during the summer period.
Hope now you know the best places to go while in Berlin? Then hesitate no more! Make a step to visit Germany!

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