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Gothic Jewelry Shopping – Australia’s Irresistible Offer to Tourists

Aussies’ tourists don’t go home empty-handed and they love bringing back home authentic and truly Australian-made souvenirs. One of the most-sought Aussie’s souvenirs is Gothic jewelries that are certified for and by Australia standards. This includes Silver Stud for men who love Gothic fashion more than flashy cars and horses.silver_stud

Australia Gothic jewelries for some good reasons attract tourists more than those novelty-crafted stuffs. Australian Gothic jewelry is a product of a Goth aesthetic that is synonymously described as Haute Goth. Respected Australian Gothic Jewelers generally keep Gothic stores in Sydney’s famous “Gothic Mile” in Newtown/Enmore. Here, tourists enjoy shopping for Gothic stuffs, wearable metal and alternative clothing, accessories and jewelries like silver stud for men and women. Tourists love strolling down to “Gothic Mile” to scout for rare Gothic stuffs on cosmetics, music, dresses and platform shoes and boots. However, Gothic rings and earrings available in amethyst, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, hematite, opalite and rose quarts are quite popular with tourists who want to experience the magical and supernatural power embedded on every Gothic rings and earrings. Most of them buy Gothic jewelry to take back home as a reminder of their purpose in life. Each piece of Gothic jewelry is said to help to refocus energy and willpower depending on the choice of natural stone matching individual’s purpose.

Other than silver stud, tourists go crazy over Gothic necklaces and pendant. David, a Gothic fashion lover was particularly bewitched by a Sacred Pentagram that was described by the shop owner as a symbol of Wiccan beliefs. David has been fascinated by the Wiccan belief and wearing the pendant is likely to set his journey in becoming a Wiccan. The shops sell other Gothic jewelry like Chakra Crystal prayer beads, Witch ladder crystal beads, crosses and pentagram jewelries.

On the other side of the fence, Celtic crosses, one of the most powerful symbols of Celtic and Gaelic beliefs are also available. However, good and high quality kinds and stuffs are provided by certified  Australian Celtic Cross Jewellery, which offers different Celtic cross with its symbolic meaning for hope, life, faith, unity, balance, transition, honor, navigation, ascension and temperance. Only certified Celtic cross is sold by Australian Celtic designers and crafters.

Shopping for souvenirs may somewhat take tolls on tourists however scouting around in Sydney’s Gothic Mile is definitely an exciting and one-of-a kind experience. It’s also a sort of partying time as one gets to try on Gothic dresses Gothic Lolita Styles, piercing, tattoos and face and hair make-ups. Big discounts offer is always there and a post shopping cold beer awaits everyone. It’s something Aussies’ tourists definitely can’t resist nor miss.

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