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Do these Tips and Enjoy a Different Thailand Experience

Are you traveling to Thailand and heading to enjoy Bangkok? If you are still completing your things to do in Bangkok, here are some tips to help create a different Thailand experience

Meet the gods

Depositphotos_1593474_s-2015Feel the Old Bangkok by staying in the riverside area and enjoy Chinese food in Mei Jang. After spending your afternoon tea in your hotel’s lobby or  your accommodation in Bangkok patio or terrace, head to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Siam with a river cruise trip and enjoy the feel of old Bangkok while cruising the Chao Phraya River. In Ayutthya temples, enjoy the ancient stone ruins, and get mesmerized with face-to-face encounter with the gods starting with Wat Chai Mongkol’s reclining Buddha and Wat Mahathat. It is where one can see Buddha’s head entwined in tree’s roots. You can spend half day here strolling around and see ancient temples, ruins of ancient palace and monks’ temples. Don’t forget the boat ride going back to Bangkok and enjoy the amazing sights of Wat Arun and other ancient temples. Meeting the gods in Ayutthaya is a must inclusion in your things to do in Bangkok if you really want to have the “feel” of old Bangkok.

Meet and ride the elephants

Yes, it’s the elephants and not the horses! Enjoying a ride on top of a full-grown elephant is a things-to-do in Thailand that one must not miss. Enjoy your elephant ride in Khao Yao National Park and enjoy simultaneously the sight of jungle-clad landscape of the park. The ride usually takes about 45-minutes and it’s enough to get the feel and enjoyment of riding one of the giant animals that walk the earth.

Ride the buffalo cart and stroll the rice fields

Bangkok is a rice-producing country and expect to see rice fields and paddies. Local farmers still use Thailand’s traditional work animal – the buffalo and for tourism purpose. The buffalo cart ride completes one’s Bangkok must-dos. The ox-driven cart strolls along the beautiful rice paddies, and the green scenery is truly a wonderful sight that relaxes the soul and mind. The amazing Thailand hotels offer rooms with terraces overlooking green rice paddies.

Enjoy Bangkok’s street foods

Stroll the streets of Bangkok and enjoy smorgasbord of Thailand’s street foods that satisfy great appetite. Great places to go are Victory Monument or Anusawari Chai Samoraphum, Yaowarat or bangkok’s Chinatown, Pahurat or more popular as Little Indian, Charoen Krung  and Bang Khun Non. These places are a must visit and considered one’s things to do in Bangkok, as these street food places offer great delectable eats and truly Bangkok culture.

These activities surely let everyone enjoy Bangkok more!

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