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Bali Honeymoon Packages are Truly Tailor-made for Newly-weds

Bali Indonesia is known for its tranquil and serene surroundings. This unique charm of the Valley of Temples of gods is attracting tourists from all over the world.  For newlyweds who are planning for a honeymoon destination, Bali Indonesia is definitely a good choice and one reason is the availability of luxury Bali Villas for rent serving as their hideaway for their entire honeymoon.

Honeymooners can avail honeymoon packages in top resorts like the Legian with a mix blend of sophisticated and romantic ambiance and style. Resorts are near Kuta and couples can truly enjoy its nightlife and the daytime strolling shopping alleys for souvenirs and Bali’s treasures.

For newlyweds who want to experience home life while on honeymoon, booking with luxury Bali villas for rent will make it possible. They can have more privacy and intimacy while enjoying real home surroundings and amenities. Most of these luxury villas are beachfront properties and with infinity pools or indoor and outdoor couple’s pools. Most are also rated as among top and best Bali Villas.

Couples who get married in Bali can avail all-inclusive honeymoon villas. It is a budget-friendly Bali deal with booking done online. They can choose among luxury villas for rent with spacious living room, bedrooms, dining and entertainment rooms. There are more than handful types of this accommodation at Uluwatu, Bali for couples who share sporty interest while on a honeymoon. The place is surfers’ haven with its best and world-rated surf spots.

Couples who love daring and adventure can plan their honeymoon in Indonesia with bookings in any Ubud’s Bali Villas.Ubud is known and popular with cosmos seekers and holistic charm. Ubud is also where Bali’s artists and crafters AHRsell their wares. But, more than this, couples will enjoy adrenalin-pumping experience visiting crocodile farms with venomous snakes giving crocs good company. Staying in luxury Bali villas for rent on top of a mountain or with hilly views, couples are greeted each morning by scenic rice fields, gardens of green vegetables and muddy carabaos plowing rice paddies and charming views of the temples and the monkey as they climb up and down temples’ tops and moss covered walls.

Among the Bali people are Bali’s masseuse who gives traditional Balinese massage.  After months of stressful planning for the wedding, newlyweds can enjoy full body job in local traditional Balinese spa and massage shops. It’s an experience that is more relaxing and cheaper than of hotels’. After sessions of relaxing massages, newlyweds can expect to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Newlyweds can choose from different honeymoon destinations however a Bali honeymoon with luxury villas for accommodation is truly a tailor-made for newlyweds.


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