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Apprenticeship: The Key to a Fruitful Career in the Future

New graduates find it very hard to find good jobs these days because employers prefer people with experience than those with diplomas – no matter appealing yours is. This is the reason why experts are urging these young wannabe-yuppies to try apprenticeship.

There are numerous reasons as to why this is possibly the best idea you would ever make. Here are some of those:

Earning while learning

careerThe great thing about being an apprentice in a company is that you are working side-by-side with the experts in your field; therefore, you are learning a lot of things that would equip you in the future. As you are doing that, you are receiving a wage, too. The salary may be lower than the minimum wage but, at least, you are already building career path and contacts as early as now.

Lessening debts

Going to college is expensive. Most students opt for student loans to pay off their tuition. And we know how difficult it is to pay for all those. Earning money as an apprentice means that you get a chance to actually pay off your loans slowly.

Practical training

One of the biggest problems of new graduates, anywhere in the world is underemployment. This basically means working on a job that you did not necessarily study for. The great thing about going for apprenticeship jobs is that you are already working in a field that you studied for and racking up practical experience along the way.

The question now is, how can you find these on-the-job training? Your college or university may have contacts with different companies so you can ask your teacher or your dean for information.

You could also find these on job search websites, training organizations and local apprenticeship centers, among so many others. Believe it or not, several found on-the-job training ads on the newspapers. Get one as soon as possible and start highlighting your prospects on the advertising section of your local newspaper. It would be best to also attain a cert 4 in building and construction to maximise your potential in the market.

Choosing to do this is definitely a great start to your career. Like any other jobs, you will need to apply for this too so you need to make sure that you prepare your resume and get ready for an interview.

Your amazing career is right ahead of you. Grab the opportunity of being one of the best in your field by giving apprenticeship a try. Make the most of this and you will not regret it in the future.

Entering into an apprenticeship program provides a good start for employment, become an apprentice here at http://www.mbansw.asn.au/.

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