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i_love_blogging1Welcome to gregburns.org. My name is Greg Burn and I am a full time blogger. Blogging has been my cup of tea for many years now. I find interest in sharing my passion in food, gadgets, photography, sports, games, travel, interior design, music, fashion, fitness, movies and self-improvement.

I was born and raised in Australia and I would say that I am proud of my country. As an adventurous person, I love traveling places. In fact, I’ve already visited a number of countries around the world. Being able to immerse with the lifestyle of people from different cultures is just so amazing. As you read my blog, I would say that all contents came from real-life experiences. From eating exotic food in the wild to tasting fine dining in a high-end restaurant, all these have made my journey unbelievable and extraordinary.

I hope that you take time to read my stories and in a way, learn from them. If you find my blogs interesting and helpful, I would appreciate your positive opinion. I am also inviting everyone to join me in my blogging space. Tell me your story and let me share this to the online world. I am glad you have stepped to my site and I hope to see you often. I would also like to recommend to you a local wordpress developer based in sunny Queensland, Matthew Rochow and if you are looking to buy trophies online, there’s only 1 place to go and thats Trophies Awards who are also based here in Queensland. Thank you for your time and see you again soon.

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