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5 Reasons to Book a Villa in Indonesia

When travelling to Indonesia, you will be given the option to choose from hotels to villas. Now, some people are now seeing the benefits to booking in Bali holiday villas compared to regular hotels. Here are some of things that you can get when you choose to stay in one.

It can be more affordable

Depositphotos_114180004_s-2015If you will be travelling with a group like that of your whole family or friends, staying in a villa will be more affordable than getting several rooms in a hotel. While a hotel room will limit the number of people that are allowed to stay in it, this is rarely the case in best Bali villas that can have several rooms, some as much as four or even more. Hotels will let you pay on a per room basis while a villa for rent will let you get several rooms in a price of one.

You get to have a pool

Well, hotels will usually have a pool for their guests, but nothing beats the pools that are offered by Bali Holiday villas. With the former, you will be sharing this with some of the other guests while the latter will give you your own private pool where only you and your family or friends will be soaking in it. You can soak under the sun as much as you want without the worry of offending someone else if you do.

More relaxed atmosphere

Rent villas in Bali are your home away from home. If you’re the type who would rather stay in an accommodation with a relaxed atmosphere, ordinary hotels aren’t the best option for you. You will have your own living room, kitchen, and bedrooms in some of the best villas in Seminyak. In here, you will be given all the freedom to just kick back and relax.

It’s the better option if you have kids in tow

Keeping kids entertained during travels can become a nightmare especially if they’ll be cooped up in a hotel. Kids have the tendency to be bored easily which can be cumbersome for parents at times. With Bali holiday villas, you will be giving them the freedom to entertain themselves. They can cook, swim at the pool, or even watch TV in the living room. Some villas even come with high chairs, toys, and games.

You’ll have a butler

They’ll treat you like royalty. A butler will be assigned to you to tend to your needs. Think of it like playing Batman with Alfred in the house.

There’s no doubt about it – Villas are your better option if you travel in groups and want some extra privacy.

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